Scotland and Secessionist Movements: Overview

An important process of secessionist politics is happening right at SEN’s doorstep. The Scottish Nationalist Party (the SNP), now in power ‘up north’, has reached an agreement with the Westminster government that it can go ahead and hold a referendum with sucessionistscotlandregards to Scotland’s independence. This spring, the Bill for a Referendum is being presented at the parliament in Edinburgh. The gaze of Europe’s other secessionist movements cannot but be fixed on what happens next. 2013 is the year this process will play out in the media and in the chambers of government. Hence, we present our new series on Scotland and secessionist movements in which we will share key documents relevant to this bit of nationalist politics. We will point you to the best sources of information and will reflect on the implications of what is happening right now in the United Kingdom.

To start this series we present some of key sites where you can find information on this unfolding political process.


Follow all the current news at this site


All documentation pertaining to the Referendum bill as it passes
through the British government can be found here

SNP yes

The Scottish Nationalist Party’s official website – the party have initiated the campaign.

The two official campaign sites were both launched in the spring of last year
bettertogether yescampaign
Read commentary on development in key UK newspapers
scotFinancialTimes Scot BBC
Guardian Spectator
Meanwhile here are some blogs talking about Independence
bellaforweb3 Gerry Hassan copy
edinburgh scottish referendum exp
Our web team found some interesting particular articles
irvine_welsh_bw copy glencampbel copy
Waibavel copy

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