Ethnicity and Nationalism News Bites: March 19 – 23, 2013

  • The L.A. Times (23/3/13) reports on the death of Chinua Achebe, the acclaimed Nigerian writer, often called the grandfather of  modern African and post-colonial, literature. His novels have played an important role in debating national and ethnic African identities in the era of decolonization.
  • (19/3/13) features an article on the possibility of a “European Spring,” by which the region can become a “cosmopolitan society of national societies.” Another article explores the limits of liberalism and European society.

  • South China Morning Post (20/3/13) reports on increased nationalist commentaries ahead of the Chinese President’s visit to Russia. Historic wounds are still open, related to when China relinquished territory to Russia in the 19th century.
  • Al Jazeera (20/3/13) features a programme on a new play in Turkey, which explores the Turkish-Kurdish divide through theatre, and with an all-woman cast.
  • The Fiji Times (20/3/13) features an article which looks at Fijian national identity, and the challenges of its construction.

News compiled by Karen Seegobin.

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