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Article Spotlight: Secessionist movements through Muro and Quiroga’s ‘Building the Spanish Nation’

Muro and Quiroga define the dialectical relationship between centre and periphery as a pervasive feature of Spanish history. They highlight that on multiple occasions throughout history, the centre has responded to the demands of peripheral nations – specifically Catalonia and … Continue reading

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Article Spotlight: Secessionist movements through Ramon Maiz’s ‘Making Opportunites’

The BNG’s (Bloque Nacionalista Galego) rise to being the second largest regional force in Galicia’s autonomous parliament can be attributed to a political structure which provided favourable opportunities to nationalist parties. Similarly, the SNP’s rise was due to favourable circumstances created by … Continue reading

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Books Available for Review for “Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism”

We have some books fresh off the printing presses (at least in academic terms) and ready for review in the SEN offices. Fancy being a reviewer? If you like the look of any of the texts below, get in touch … Continue reading

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