Article Spotlight: Secessionist movements through Muro and Quiroga’s ‘Building the Spanish Nation’

060218_ManiSomunaNacio24Muro and Quiroga define the dialectical relationship between centre and periphery as a pervasive feature of Spanish history. They highlight that on multiple occasions throughout history, the centre has responded to the demands of peripheral nations – specifically Catalonia and the Basque Country – in an authoritarian manner, as a way to eliminate alternative identities. However on other occasions, particularly since the 1978 Constitution, the centre has been more willing to grant power and autonomy to regional institutions. Similarly, in the UK the Westminster government has moved between encouraging a homogeneous British national identity and granting Scotland greater autonomy by allowing Scotland to convene its own Parliament.

‘Building the Spanish Nation: The Centre-Periphery Dialectic’ by Diego Muro and Alejandro Quiroga – Vol.4 No.2 2004

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I'm currently studying for a degree in English Language and Literature at Oxford. I'm also particularly interested in nationalist sentiment and the impact this can have on a whole country's politics and culture, which is why I've been producing articles and interviews for the SEN website since 2011.
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