SEN News on Sunday: September 22 – 29, 2013


  • The BBC (27/09/13) analyses football and the rise of nationalism in Central Europe in its World Service radio programme.

  • Al Jazeera (26/09/13) reports on the recent rally in Edinburgh for Scottish independence, whereby 20,000 supporters joined together to support the movement.
  • The Globe and Mail (25/09/13) comments on Quebec Premier Pauline Marois’ Charter of Quebec values and the recent turn in the region’s nationalist discourse.
  • The New York Times (25/09/13) analyses the small minority of Japanese-Brazilians, and their children, as they attempt to straddle their identities within two disparate cultures.
  • The New York Times (23/09/13) asks the question “how is society organized and how does it reorganize on the corpse of a failed state?” as it explores national identity in Haiti.



Stay tuned for SEN Article Spotlights, which will be posted later in the week.

News compiled by Karen Seegobin.

If you would like to write a response to any of these news stories, please email us at

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