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I'm currently studying for a degree in English Language and Literature at Oxford. I'm also particularly interested in nationalist sentiment and the impact this can have on a whole country's politics and culture, which is why I've been producing articles and interviews for the SEN website since 2011.

Article Spotlight: Secessionist movements through Muro and Quiroga’s ‘Building the Spanish Nation’

Muro and Quiroga define the dialectical relationship between centre and periphery as a pervasive feature of Spanish history. They highlight that on multiple occasions throughout history, the centre has responded to the demands of peripheral nations – specifically Catalonia and … Continue reading

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Article Spotlight: Secessionist movements through Ramon Maiz’s ‘Making Opportunites’

The BNG’s (Bloque Nacionalista Galego) rise to being the second largest regional force in Galicia’s autonomous parliament can be attributed to a political structure which provided favourable opportunities to nationalist parties. Similarly, the SNP’s rise was due to favourable circumstances created by … Continue reading

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