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The following are some brief guidelines for submissions of articles or artwork to SEN Journal: Online Exclusives:

Submission guidelines:

Authors should aim to express clear and coherent arguments without excessive reliance on disciplinary jargon for an informed audience. Articles should be accessible to a broad audience, but follow basic standards of “good academic writing”. These standards include:

  • crucial arguments must be supported by references to readings or empirical evidence;
  • manuscripts should present original arguments which have been published elsewhere;
  • manuscripts may not contain personal attacks on certain individuals or groups;
  • authors should aim to phrase their arguments as objectively and rationally as possible.

Article Guidelines:

  • Articles shall not exceed 1,000 words.
  • Footnotes are to be used sparingly.
  • The placement of commas in quotations should follow standard usage, except that end punctuation is placed outside the quotation marks when the passage is not a full sentence, and inside when the passage is a full sentence.
  • Abbreviations, acronyms and technical terms should be explained in the text the first time they occur.
  • Quotations should be enclosed within ‘single’ quotation marks. Substantial quotations should be indented without quotation marks. Quotations within a quotation should be enclosed within “double” quotation marks. Any alteration in a quotation should be acknowledged, for example: (Jones 1990:20-1, emphasis added).
  • Foreign language text must always be italicised.
  • Only British spelling shall be used. Spelling practice must be consistent throughout the article.
  • Proper nouns should be capitalised according to standard practice and the author’s wishes as long as continuity is maintained throughout the submission. For clarity, the following can be used as a guide for often confusing cases: either Eastern Europe or eastern Europe, First World War, Second World War, the Cold War, etc.
  • Conventions to be followed concerning datesare: 5th June 2006.Numbers of 100 or more should be written as numerals such as 1,000. Numbers less than 100 should be spelled out unless they contain a decimal or fraction. ‘Per cent’ should be used rather than ‘percent’ or ‘%’.
  • Authors are reminded that the editors attach great significance to accurate spelling and grammar.
  • Please include your name and institutional affiliation (if any) at the end of the article.

Artwork Guidelines:

  • Authors who wish to publish any form of artwork with SEN Journal: Online Exclusives must provide evidence that they have the copyright or the copyright holder’s permission to publish the artwork in question.
  • All pieces of artwork need to be submitted together with a short abstract of 200 to 300 words which describes the rationale behind the artwork and its intended meaning.
  • Please note that SEN Journal: Online Exclusives reserves the right to reject pieces of artwork if they are likely to cause offence to certain individuals or groups, or if they are not easily accessible to a wider audience.


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