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Article Spotlight: Secessionist movements through Muro and Quiroga’s ‘Building the Spanish Nation’

Muro and Quiroga define the dialectical relationship between centre and periphery as a pervasive feature of Spanish history. They highlight that on multiple occasions throughout history, the centre has responded to the demands of peripheral nations – specifically Catalonia and … Continue reading

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Insights into the Referendum: an interview with Professor McCrone part 2 of 2

As part of our current series on Scotland and secessionist movements, Professor David McCrone and I met to discuss Scotland’s future in its capital, Edinburgh. In the first part  of that interview, which the SEN blog published last Friday, we … Continue reading

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Scotland and Secessionist Movements: The Political Process

We have some great content lined up in this series including an interview with Professor David McCrone , co-director of the Institute of Governance at Edinburgh University, and a piece from Professor Daniele Conversi , Research Professor at the University of the … Continue reading

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Scotland and Secessionist Movements: Overview

An important process of secessionist politics is happening right at SEN’s doorstep. The Scottish Nationalist Party (the SNP), now in power ‘up north’, has reached an agreement with the Westminster government that it can go ahead and hold a referendum … Continue reading

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